23WELL, THE health supplement brand on the watch

2024/4/2 9:22:41

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Just earlier last month, the highly anticipated Natural Products Expo West 2024 concluded successfully in Anaheim, CA. As one of the world's largest leading health and nutrition exhibition, it hosted more than 65,000 registered attendees and 3,000+ exhibiting companies. During the expo period, Andall Biosciences Inc., an American biotechnology company, had invited popular TikTok influencers, Zhang Meng and Jiaoge Pengyou MCN, to its production facility in California for an on-site visit. Other than introducing global netizens to the brand, Andall Biosciences also took the opportunity to share its newest excitement – introducing 23WELL, a new premium positioned dietary supplement product line.

This physically-present traceability tour allowed the influencers to experience first-hand 23WELL's brand philosophy as well as witness each step of its production process; from its high-barred standards of quality control to its meticulous selection processes for all of its raw materials. The first-ever 23WELL product revealed itself for the very first time during this tour – Ovary Care Capsules. This new product embodies Andall Biosciences' mission and values via integrating life science research with natural ingredients into practical health supplement offering better health to consumers.

Looking ahead, Andall Biosciences, with its new 23WELL product line, is committed and will continue to focus on the latest research advancements in life sciences, genetics, and clinical medicine. Andall Biosciences inputs relentless dedications to combining cutting-edge medical technologies with natural ingredients to address the sub-health issues and physical problems associated with aging for the contemporary population. Specifically formulated dietary supplements aimed at optimizing gene expression to improve sub-health conditions are designed to offer a healthier, more natural lifestyle for worldwide consumers, providing a healthy life to people all over the globe.

The successful traceability tour not only deepened the connection between Andall Biosciences and the 23WELL brand with global netizens but also showcased brand's influence and determination in the global health industry. With its practice of innovative products that are backed up with forefront of global medical science, Andall Biosciences will continue to push the industry's forefront and 23WELL is THE health supplement brand on the watch! Andall Biosciences missions to provide more choices for global consumers and moving towards a healthier, better future together. 23WELL, BE WELL!