How to standardize the operation of homestay?

2019/10/19 21:51:50
There are many problems in the industry, such as the disunity of legal definition and the imperfection of supervision system. According to reports, Beijing is currently working on the local standards for rural residential evaluation, which is expected to be issued by the end of this year. On this basis, the standard details will be issued next year, and the rating management of rural residential buildings in Beijing will be started accordingly.
In recent years, many online hostels have promoted the rapid development of rural tourism in Beijing. Because many places have no clear evaluation standards for the operation of residential quarters before, many residential quarters have not obtained legal business identity, and are in the awkward situation of tacit operation and separation from supervision by various departments. There are many problems in the accommodation industry, such as the disunity of legal definition, the imperfection of supervision system, the difficulty of meeting the technical requirements of accommodation standard, fire control and sanitation, the small project and the difficulty of supervision.
Home stay economy is not only a tourism economy, but also a service economy, which has a huge development space. In order to make tourists live safely, eat healthily and swim happily, it is necessary to standardize the management of accommodation. This time, Beijing will carry out the rating management of the city's rural residential buildings, and will issue specific rating and evaluation standards, which will clearly quantify and assess the operation site, supporting facilities, safety management, environmental protection and other aspects of high-quality residential buildings.
The economy of home stay is a systematic project, involving public security, fire control, tourism, environmental protection, market supervision, health and other departments. Because most of the houses were in the state of "no supervision", many houses were not connected with the public security and fire control system. Some of them do not strictly verify their identity in order to solicit business; some of the decoration materials do not meet the fire-resistant requirements, the fire-fighting facilities are not in place, and the employees have not received professional training, so there are great fire-fighting and public security risks; some of the health facilities are poor, and there are no standardized disinfection and disease prevention measures; some of them are built on the edge of mountains and rivers, and the safety precautions are not in place. Accidents are easy to happen, and there is a lack of emergency prevention plan. In case of emergencies, it is difficult to get help.
Accommodation is divided into different levels. Operators of accommodation can build and operate in strict accordance with the standards. Although investment will be increased, it is conducive to the healthy development of accommodation industry. The accommodation industry is no longer in the state of "three no's" without supervision department, business license and invoice, but allows tourists to live more steadily, sleep more safely, eat more delicious and play more happily.